The latest issue of HORECA magazine 81, March 2017 publishes the latest innovations introduced by the hotel management software platform Vilicotel

Noul număr al revistei HoReCa, Nr. 81, martie 2017 găzduiește un advertorial despre ultimele noutăți ale platformei de management hotelier Vilicotel.

The appearance of a new issue of HORECA journal is in itself a genuine event and why not, a happy one. Even more, we are pleased to announce the publication of a substantial article devoted to presenting the online booking and direct booking services offered by the hotel management software Vilicotel. The booking engine section of this article presents the simple and intuitive propagation workflow of online reservations directly in Vilicotel FrontDesk. Regarding the direct booking trend observed in the hospitality industry, the article showcases the wide range of services offered by Vilicotel to hotel businesses to maximize their profits, by leveraging their own brand-based booking channels. We invite you to read the full article in the 81/March 2017 HORECA journal.

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